“I don’t want to sit next to Chris Hemsworth”: Ben Affleck Trolled ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Star After He Allegedly Stole Matt Damon to Australia

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(Last Updated On: May 9, 2023)

Feeling insecure is quite normal for everyone, including superstar Ben Affleck. The DCU star once explained why he would never stand next to MCU star Chris Hemsworth, especially while clicking a shirtless picture.
Affleck’s good friend and actor Matt Damon, who is an American, spent a lot of time with Hemsworth in Australia while filming Thor: Love and Thunder in 2021. Even before that, Damon reportedly visited Hemsworth with his family every time he visited Australia. In March, Affleck also expressed interest in visiting Hemsworth in Australia in one of his interviews.
Matt Damon loves visiting Australia
Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth
In March 2023, actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon appeared for an interview to promote their movie, Air, which was released on 5th April 2023. In the interview, Affleck joked about Damon’s obsession with Australia,
“Matt’s basically, as far as I can tell, an honorary citizen he is there so much – he’s friends with Chris Hemsworth and I think that shows enormous character of Matt to be friends with a guy that much younger and better looking than him.”
Over the past few years, Matt Damon has been regularly visiting Australia with his family and every time he is there, he makes sure he meets Chris Hemsworth.
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Ben Affleck said he won’t stand next to Chris Hemsworth
Ben Affleck and Chris Hemsworth
Further in the interview, Ben Affleck explained that he would love to visit Australia and meet Chris Hemsworth but only on one hilarious condition,
“Good in practice – but I don’t want to sit next to Chris Hemsworth in photographs so I applaud Matt. But I’d love to come. I’m hoping one day Chris will invite me to come down and stay at his place, as long as I don’t have to take any shirtless pictures next to him.”
The actor is ready to visit Hemsworth as long as he is not asked to stand shirtless next time to him for a picture. When it comes to muscular bodies, Ben Affleck isn’t any less than Chris Hemsworth, however, even he is insecure.
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Matt Damon lived in Australia for six months while filming Thor: Love and Thunder
Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth
Damon and Hemsworth became close friends in 2021 while filming Thor: Love and Thunder. Damon lived in Byron Bay and Hemsworth gave him company while he stayed in the country.
Several pictures were released as the duo was spotted enjoying several activities, including taking trips to Kmart in Ballina and watching an AFL game in Melbourne. Damon played an Asgardian man playing the role of Loki in a play going on in the movie.
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